Sunday, November 30, 2008

SIA Group Employees Receive Accredited Adviser In Insurance ...

Don Mills, president of SIA Group (, a full-service insurance agency with six offices throughout North Carolina, has announced that 16 employees from its Jacksonville office have been designated as an Accredited Adviser ...

Tips for saving insurance premium


Travelinsurancequotes.Ca Introduces Blended Insurance To Canadian ...

Upgraded quote system now implements the ability for customers to purchase Blended Medical Travel Insurance.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

When Car Insurance Is Your Friend

With the number of cars on the streets increasing, car insurance is becoming very necessary. If you are not familiar with the many aspects of car insurance, here is an article to help you out.

Edwards Announces Bold Policy to Prevent Health Insurance Company ...

As part of "Building a Better America” week, Edwards calls for stronger insurance laws to prevent abuse and ensure American families can get the care they need.

Deductibles for Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance in the Private ...

Deductibles for Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance in the Private Sector, by Firm Size Classification, 2002–2005 Source: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality In recent years, premiums for employer-sponsored health insurance have ...

Loan Insurance - Worth A Extra Cost?

There are numerous factors, away from the control that potty make you unable to repay your loans. You may become retch or even develop exposed inside an accident that will require you away from operate for a long period of time.

Insurance Attorney

Hands down one of the best firms in New York City. The best is never good enough for these lawyers who are at the top of their game with beautiful offices, revolutionary technology and top compensation.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Insurance Commercial

Can the Employer Role in Health Insurance Be Preserved?

Comment on bad luck is really bad decisions by Car Insurance ...

Descartes had some great ideas in the post on car insurance.You can read a snippet of the story here.[…] Read the rest of this great post here […] (Report comment) […] (Report comment)

Nebraska Workers To Sue Over Unequal Health Insurance; Mercury ...

Nebraska workers will sue over unequal health insurance A lawsuit expected to be filed on Monday in the Lancaster County, Neb., District Court charges the state with offering workers living in majority Black zip codes with inferior ...

Limit Your Mileage For Cheaper Car Insurance

Just a very quick post to highlight a very quick money saving tip: If you’ve applied for car insurance before you’ll know the insurer/broker/comparison site always ask you’re expected annual mileage.

The Medicare Maze: Federal Insurance Plan Kicks In At The Golden ...

Bailey has the same health insurance millions of other Americans who are 65 and older have -- Medicare.Bailey said Medicare's drug program works well.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Searching for Homeowners Insurance for Home buyers in Louisiana

Searching for homeowners insurance can become a job in itself. If you would like an idea of the costs for homeowners insurance, the Louisiana Department of Insurance has a website with useful information.

Does Dog Health Insurance Really Exist

Insurance for dogs has been in existence for close to twenty year. Its surprising then that many dog owners have never heard of dog insurance before. We normally associate insurance with people and not animals.

Thai Life Insurance - Father Son

I saw this commercial when I was in Bangkok last summer. [pakshet, nakakaiyak!] Ngayon ko lang nahanap sa youtube at ngayon ko rin pala nalaman na series of commercials pala siya. Check out youtube for more Thai Life Insurance.

Comment on F1 has its priorities wrong by aurora car insurance rates

aurora car insurance rates… impressing,backstairs liaisons …

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Still More Insurance Maps

In a press release today, Harvard University announces Harvard Map Collection Digitizes Historic Cambridge and Boston Atlases. Newly digitized atlases of Cambridge include the years 1873, 1885, 1886, 1894, 1900, 1903, and 1916.

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Health on National Insurance rejig agenda

National Insurance Company plans to set up a third-party administrator service company and a subsidiary for the health insurance business, as part a business recast exercise.

insurance online pet quote

There has never been a time when it has been easier for the average person in the street to own a sports car but most people are put off unnecessarily by the maintenance and insurance costs.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Beat The Blood Sucking Insurance Companies

Car insurance is one of those things in life you pay to NOT use.And if you happen to need it, what do they do, they jack up the price of it and punish you.

insurance in SL

The Dutch insurance company Univé, recently opened an SL office. They sell actual SL insurance, against theft, damages and care cost, for a mere 200 L$ per six months.

Insurance Account Manager/ Countrywide

**Insurance Account Manager/Countrywide** A new field based opportunity has arisen for an Insurance Account Manager to be home based and cover a geographical area countrywide Aon are seeking an experienced commercial insurance ...

Section 3 - Flood Insurance, Co-Insurance Provision

Price: $19.95 Details Product Desciption: Type your description here...more.

A doctor's health care company cancels insurance contracts and ...

Dr. Prem Reddy's company Prime Healthcare Services is a classic example of 'denial management' for profit. Daniel Costello of the Los Angeles Times:.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Health insurance market: a private fantasy

By Carter Bundy. You know who I love? Adam Smith. Yup. Father of modern capitalism, or at least of laissez-faire economic theory. It’s my dirty little secret, what with my being a union goon and all. You know why I love Smith?

Pennsylvania Homeowners Insurance - How to Get the Best Quote

Pennsylvania homeowners insurance covers your home and contents from damage caused by theft, fire, lightning, smoke, and other disasters. How can you make sure you get the best quote for your Pennsylvania homeowners insurance?

Confessions to an Insurance Company: RVer's Blunders

The morning starts out like most do in your RV — traveling down a quiet highway with a hearty breakfast under your belt and a good cup of coffee within reach when you realize that blowing white thing behind you is your now-shredded ...


Child Life Insurance The death of a child isn’t something parents want to think about. But life insurance isn’t necessarily all about death. Child life insurance is about the future…and preparation.

Who have you got your wedding insurance with?

Can you recommend a company at all? Did you get a good deal/service? I'm thinking i need to get some but its a bit like where do i start....:uzzle: TIA PVx.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Top Tips To Save Money On Car Insurance

Since every state requires a proof of financial responsibility to drive a car, and most states require car liability insurance, it should not surprise you that car insurance is the most searched on type of insurance.

How Much Insurance Do I Need

Insurance is a complicated business, and it can be unpleasant to talk about because no one likes talking about death… especially their own death! Because of those two reasons, many people do not think about insurance very much.

MemberHealth, CCRx agree to takeover by insurance giant Universal ...

MemberHealth, the big pharmacy benefit management company that allied with the independent pharmacy industry to sponsor the highly successfully Medicare Part D prescription drug plan known as CCRx, has agreed to be acquired by Universal ...



LET'S Talk About AUTO Insurance Lingo

What do we really meant by saying, "I only have liability insurance coverage on my auto". The word "liability" in the dictionary states "the quality or state of being liable".

Thursday, November 20, 2008

10 Questions You Should Ask Your Health Insurance Agent

If you are a business owner, self-employed or an employee of a company that is not offering medical coverage though your employer, you may have to undertake the frustrating, daunting and time consuming task of purchasing health ...


when i was on suboxone i got it for free at an inpatient detox since i was broke and homeless at the time.

Cheap Annual Travel Insurance

cheap annual travel insurance. () WELCOME TO THE ‘COUV (Willamette Week)(COVER STORY).

Commercial Insurance Business Managers - Opportunities available ...

Accountabilities (Key) Work effectively to build commercial portfolio.

Re: Do I chose therapst or does the Insurance company? Urrgghhh!!!!

You're too kind Leen!!! I might get a big head and take you up on your suggestion. Debbie.,11739.msg86248.html#msg86248

Long Term Care Insurance Rating

long term care insurance rating. Wisconsin Renters InsuranceIf you need the very best wisconsin renters insurance , our website is the place to look.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

History of Car Insurance /Automobile insurance

History of Car Insurance /Automobile insurance. Car insurance or Automobile insurance is the most widely purchased insurance coverage. All most all over the world, car insurance is required of all the car drivers.

GlobalOptions Group Joins Forces with Midwest Insurance Company to ...

GlobalOptions Group Joins Forces with Midwest Insurance Company to ... Business Wire (press release), CA - 17 minutes ago NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--GlobalOptions Group, Inc.

Insurance Consultant ( Greenville, SC US )

Categories: Insurance Agents AAA Insurance, headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, is a personal lines independent insurance agency.

Variable life insurance policy is a poor way to invest

On my radio show, a caller asked about buying life insurance. The caller stated they needed an additional $250000 of life insurance and their financial salesperson recommended a variable universal life policy.

PA Insurance Commissioner Resigns, Acting Replacement Named

PA Insurance Commissioner Resigns, Acting Replacement Named.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Life Insurance Welcome to the LifeInsurance web log. This is all about possibility of insurance for different people.

Insurance Coverage Opinion -- Appellate Division, First Department ...

The Appellate Division, First Department recent decision in JMZ USA, Inc. v. Lumbermens Cas. Co. offers a good analysis on the unambiguity of certain insurance provisions.

Generation Insurance Leads

What better way to generation insurance leads than to house insurance quote uk and best term life insurance quote from one convenient, sophisticated website.

Homeowners Insurance In Texas

Don’t be overwhelmed in your search for homeowners insurance in texas . affordable cost health insurance low online or insurance liability professional can help you, and we have an abundance of related information on our website.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Association Of American Truckers

Trucker Associations: The American Truckers Association ( provides insurance and other trucking related products for the American Truckers.

Progressive Insurance - My Search Engine

Progressive Insurance - Search results from our engine - we bring you the most relevant results for every search term! - My Search Engine | Become Isp | Insurance Westfield | Casualty | Become Isp | Insurance Westfield | Casualty Insurance | Insurance Agents

Auto Registration and Insurance Card Holders by Current

Reg. $4.99 Save $1.00 A must for every glove box. Set of Blue & black vinyl wallets safeguard registration & insurance cards and make them easy to find. Great gift for a first-time car owner! Velcro� closure; 4 3/4 x 5 1/4.

Dental Health -- Guardian Dental Insurance

Information about Dental Health as it related to Guardian Dental Insurance.

Actions and Points with Insurance Companies

Recommendations for writing to health insurance companies.

Bennetts Motorbike Insurance quotes online. Fast and Trusted

Bennets Motorbike insurance quotes at competitive rates. Get an immediate trusted Bennetts Bike Insurance Quote. They have over 70 years experience in the insurance industry and over the last decade has become one of the fastest growing insurance providers in the UK.

Cozumel Reviews: Car rental insurance question

Cozumel Reviews board: Car rental insurance question

Tip For Term Life Insurance - Make Money, Save Money - Seeki

Tip For Term Life Insurance - Make Money, Save Money - Seeking Alpha

Assumption reinsurance: getting the bad along with the good

When health insurers buy an existing book of business, they often effect the acquisition through an asset purchase transaction known as assumption reinsurance. There are many accounting and financial issues to consider in pursuing such a transaction.